In order to take advantage of the Arena Daemon's features, the developer needs to follow

a few steps for integrating the SDK in his own project.



Installing the SDK

The very first step is the integration of the BDArenaConnector framework into the project.

You'll need to have the Android 4.0.3 (API 15) components installed in order to use the SDK.



- Step 1

In the build.gradle at the root level of your application, insert the following repository dependency




    maven {

         url ""





- Step 2

In the dependencies of your app module, insert



    implementation 'com.arenadaemon:library:5.+'




- Step 3

In the onCreate method of the MainActivity class, initialize the BDArenaConnector unique instance

passing the appKey associated with the current application and, immediately after that,

call requestAuth method in order to authenticate the local player

for accessing all the other features provided by the Arena Daemon platform:


protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {





    BDArenaConnector.initializeWithAppKey(this, "YOUR_APP_KEY", true);




Everything done!

Your application is now ready to create online multiplayer challenges and chat rooms!




Sample project

Download the sample project for this tutorial.