Errors Map

When the developer calls the SDK's methods, some errors can occur.

These errors can be generated by several different conditions and situations such as network failures or bad requests performed by the developer.

Generic errors

400 Missing parameters in request

401 Player not found

402 Player already registered

403 Nickname already taken

404 Email already in use

405 Old password missing

406 Incorrect old password

407 Device not found

408 Unable to delete device

409 No player found with given credentials

410 Unable to bind device with given auid

411 Player not registered yet 

500 Internal server error

501 Invalid app_key provided

502 ArenaDaemon is unreachable

503 Some error occurred saving profile image

504 Authentication required

505 Daemon is unreachable

506 Daemon handshake failed

507 Daemon is overloaded

508 Client version not allowed to connect

509 Not authorized

510 Invalid udid format

511 Invalid score value

512 Achievement not found

513 Achievement already earned

Chat errors

600 Room does not exist

601 Local player not found in room

602 Player not found

603 Local player is not in Administrators list

604 Administrators cannot restrict Administrators

605 Local player is an Administrator but doesn't have the permission to set the requested restriction

606 Local player is an Administrator but doesn't have the permissions needed to unset all restrictions

607 Local player is banned from the room

Multiplayer errors

700 Unable to create challenge (player not connected to daemon)

701 Challenge organizer cannot invite himself

702 Challenge organizer is already owner of 10 or more challenges

703 Challenge not found

704 Requester is not the challenge organizer

705 Player already accepted invitation to challenge

706 Player not connected to Daemon

707 Player not invited to challenge

708 Player has been invited but has not yet accepted the invitation

709 Operation not permitted for challenge organizer

710 No one ha yet accepted the challenge

711 Match with given id not found

712 Player not found in match

Advertising errors

800 Banner rotation option is active

801 No ad available

802 Adv not enabled

803 Cannot play ad clip because the ad request missing

804 Blocked by frequency capping rules

805 Ad is ready to play or is already on screen

806 A previous ad request is currently ongoing

Push notification errors

900 Push notification module not enabled

901 Push data cannot be nil

902 Invalid badge value

903 No message found. Use body or locKey to set the text of the message

904 Certificates or keys not found

905 Channel not found

906 Custom parameters must contain only values of type string, number, or array of strings and numbers.

907 Destination player not found

908 Message too big